Building on a proven model to drive new value 

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A pharmacist and consultant collaborate.

Our team of experts

A pharmacist and consultant collaborate.
As health systems evolve their channel strategies and sites of care in response to market dynamics, our team of experts help SAN members optimize their purchasing to realize new value. With AmerisourceBergen’s leadership in specialty, you can count on us to leverage our industry knowledge and reach to strategically partner with manufacturers to offer our members leading contract value.
A pharmacist and consultant collaborate.


Our purchasing network supports member strategies

Our contracting strategy helps health systems increase access through contracted pricing that makes specialty medications more affordable. Our network is strategically limited to institutions that want to participate in performance-based contracting across specialty-branded medication administered by IV infusion, injection, or select oral medications. 
Because we are the only distributor-owned, trade-specific GPO, we provide unique solutions that support your formulary-management strategies and help with consistent and appropriate product utilization. We have tailored our offerings to align to health system priorities, and we provide several first-to-market solutions that are only available through SAN. Speak with a SAN representative to learn more.

SAN extends AmerisourceBergen’s market-leading GPO offerings

SAN was created leveraging the foundational best practices of ION Solutions, one of the nation’s largest community provider GPOs, and extends this proven model in a new way to align with health system-specific priorities and strategic imperatives. Functioning as a supplement to your existing GPO partners, SAN is part of AmerisourceBergen’s integrated health systems offering that provides optimized access to products, actionable data insights, and market-leading specialty expertise.
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