Alex Wolfe

Alex Wolfe

Director, GPO Program Enablement and Analytics, AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs

As Director, GPO Program Enablement and Analytics, Alex’s knowledge of GPO systems and operations is instrumental to ensuring pull-through for specialty GPO contracts. He has played a key role in successfully expanding AmerisourceBergen’s GPO programs into the health systems space. Prior to working with the health system GPO, Alex served as GPO contract and reporting analyst for ION Solutions, managing over 200 unique contracts. There, he ensured that ION’s infrastructure was scaled appropriately to meet contract administration needs. 

Alex also garnered experience as part of the operations team at ION, where he supported and operationalized all of the performance-based opportunities and assisted in implementing several dashboards, reports, and the ION Scorecard. He got his start with AmerisourceBergen through our internship program, working with Enterprise IT. After he graduated from Texas Tech University with degrees in Accounting and Information Systems, he joined the legacy Specialty Group in Frisco, Texas and resumed a full-time role with IT, supporting the specialty businesses. 

Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with his two dogs, traveling, and listening to music. 

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